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Pound Cake (or 16oz Loaf Cake)

Pound Cake. Say it three times. Pound Cake, pound cake, pound cake. Sometimes when you say a word a few times it takes on a different meaning to your ear. Pound cake is quite literal. Perhaps not as you might think however. Traditionally, a pound cake did not weigh a pound. Shocking. The four main ingredients in traditional pound cake: butter, flour, sugar and eggs, each added up to a pound. So the cake actually weighed about four pounds but you needed a pound of each ingredient. The name just stuck. Not shocking.

Today, most weight traditions have given way to specialized ingredients including blueberries, banana and nuts, lemon, raspberries and more. At Morton Williams we have a sliced loaf cake that is 16 ounces - so it technically is a pound cake. It is also delicious.

We pride ourselves on being a family owned market that also offers one of the finest chef prepared foods and baked goods in NYC. Including Loaf Cake! Visit us or shop online for delivery.

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