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Dear Morton Williams Customer,


Have you been wondering about this sign while shopping in our stores?








The Foods of Québec logo identifies exciting new items we are introducing this year, bringing to your table a taste of Québec’s rich culinary tradition inspired by its European roots. 


Mouth-watering croissants and pastries prepared in the strictest French tradition, richly-textured cheeses made from premium quality milk, and delectable maple treats of course--Québec makes the best.
Below are the gourmet foods of Québec we currently have in store, with more to 

so look for them on our shelves. One taste and you will understand why ourFrench-Canadian

neighbors to the north are so passionate about their food.


Be sure to read our weekly circular to stay abreast of products we will feature and to find out

about upcoming in-store tastings. Better yet, sign up on our mailing list to receive weekly

notifications via email. 


We wish you bon appétit!

Agropur is a cooperative representing some 3,400 Quebec dairy farmers that processes over 3.3 billion liters of milk annually in 31 plants spread throughout North America, gracing the tables of discerning consumers from coast to coast.

Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar is traditionally aged Canadian cheddar, cured a minimum of three years and sold only when the flavor meets our strict standards. 

It has a crisp, clean flavor with an appealing sharpness. 
Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar is distinctively robust and truly unique. More info

Oka is rich in history and flavor. Pungent tasting with a characteristic aroma and subtle flavors of hazelnut and butter, this cheese undergoes an extended ripening period in the original cellars of the Cistercian Abbey located in Oka, Québec.

Boulangerie St-Donat has been making breads and other delectable baked goods for the last 70 years using traditional recipes passed on by the founding family’s maternal ancestors. Available in the US for the first time exclusively in our stores.

Creamy Fudge Twirls
Sucre à la creme is a traditional fudge from Québec. The ingredients are simple and few, but the result is sweet and delightful!

Old Fashion Sugar Pie – New
A rich and creamy texture that melts in your mouth. Add a scoop of ice cream for pure bliss.

Boulart breads are 100% natural, free of preservatives and additives. We use high quality ingredients and we respect all the steps, without concession, of the artisan bakery tradition. 
All our breads are baked on site for guaranteed freshness.

Parisien and French baguette 
Made in the traditional way, with the very greatest respect for the baker’s art and using carefully selected ingredients such as top-quality unbleached untreated flour and sea salt.


Ciabatta baguette 
Perhaps the most celebrated of italian breads. Ciabatta is a light bread with a distinctive texture: soft & porous crumb combined with 
thin and caramelized crust.


De L’Aubier sap water is a still water of vegetal origin made from maple sap. Unlike any other bottled water, this water was not pumped from the ground by a machine but comes from a tree. This pure and naturally filtered water is the world’s only still water of its kind

A sap water that is full-bodied with a silky mouth feel. Not sweet, with low mineralization and free of any chemical processing. Serve De L’Aubier sap water in a stemmed glass to reveal its subtle plant flavor and surprising smoothness.


L.B. Maple Treat is is one of the largest independent grower/producer of quality pure maple syrup worldwide. Absolutely no chemicals, preservatives or additives are used in making our maple syrup. Recipe suggestions using maple syrup

Pure Maple Syrup 
Grade A Dark Amber, 
in plastic jug 8.5/16.9 oz


Pure Maple Syrup 
Grade A Dark Amber, 
in leaf glass 8.5 oz


Maple Cream Cookies 
Leaf-shaped and made with 
pure maple syrup


Maison Le Grand is is a leader in the production of cold-processed sauces. Our products are inspired by both the gourmet quality of fine European cuisine and West Coast influence on healthy, natural foods. 
More info and recipes

Rosée Sauces – New 
Ideal for all gourmets on the run.

Delicious with pasta, grilled meats
and fish. Classic, Rustic, Spicy


Absolute simplicity yet 
bursting with flavor! Garden, 
4 Nuts & Cheese, Sun-dried Tomato, Roasted Red 
Pepper, With a kick!


As a dip or to give your grilled meats and salads a Mediterranean touch!


Maison Orphée offers the largest selection of cold-pressed unrefined oil on the Canadian market, as well as mustards and vinegars that blend excellence, flavor and nutritional quality. All our oils are created in the tradition of authentic master oil makers.

Dijon-style and 
Old-Fashioned Mustards

Pure Dijon-style mustard with a creamy texture and unique tang! Old Fashioned is made with slightly crushed mustard seeds still in their shells.


Canola, Olive & Sunflower Oils
Canola oil is perfect for salads and to enhance 
vegetables, pasta and sautéed dishes. Ideal for baking.
This olive oil has a fresh herbaceous aroma. 
It is so light it can be used as a garnish or for cooking 
pasta and sautéed dishes. Fresh and mild, sunflower oil 
can be used as a final touch and is delicious on cooked vegetables or in cakes, muffins and piecrusts.

Moûts de Pomme specializes in pure, artisanal quality sparkling apple juice produced in the strictest French tradition. Completely natural, with no added water, sugar, or preservatives, and pasteurized 
in the bottle.

Sparkling Apple Juices
Made with 100% Québec-grown McIntosh apples, these juices are pressed, clarified, carbonated, bottled, and pasteurized according to French tradition, with no added sugar, preservatives, or water. Classic Apple, Apple Cranberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate


Celebrate with our healthful versions of popular cocktails – clarified, carbonated, bottled, and pasteurized according to French tradition, with no added sugar or preservatives. Mojito, Rosé, Sangrya

O'Sole Mio is a family-run company dedicated to bringing the freshest flavors of Italy home to its customers. Our mission is to create ready-to-serve products that are 100% fresh and made from the finest ingredients, which is why Chef Alfredo hand-selects all ingredients and prepares his recipes without additives or preservatives.


This delicious collection of pastas and sauces is made with only the freshest ingredients and the highest quality meats and cheeses. From sumptuous sauces and epicurean delights to our abundant collection of fresh whole egg pasta, we've got exactly what you need to make suppertime special-and a whole lot easier! Pasta: Braised Beef, Meat & Fine Herbs, Ricotta & Mozzarella, 5 Cheeses, Italian Sausage; Sauces: Romanoff, Alfredo.

Pied-Mont Dora is a 3rd generation family-owned producer of jams, jellies, spreads (fruit, chocolate hazelnut), coulis (dessert topping), table syrup, fillings, chutneys, and pasta sauces. Our facility may have grown in size since our humble beginnings but our commitment to quality remains the same.


Available in the US for the first time and exclusively in our stores are four delicious spreads: Chocolate Hazelnut–with 100% pure maple syrup chunks or with crunchy pieces of hazelnut, Caramel with rich butter flavor, and

Dark chocolate.
These spreads are perfect for any occasion and make for a great snack.

Spread on toast or use as dip for fruit or pretzel.

Première Moisson specializes in healthy gourmet products prepared in keeping with time-honored bakery, pastry-making and gourmet specialty traditions. The company focuses on a signature blend of freshness, quality and authenticity.

Première Moisson introduces its new 
189 Harwood line of exquisite bake-at-home mini pastries: croissants—traditional or chocolate, and raisin brioches. From freezer to oven to table in 30 minutes or less. All-butter mini pastries, flaky on the outside and meltingly soft on the inside.

Organic line of breads made with stone ground flour and other all natural ingredients. Flaxseed, Integral sourdough, Spelt, Sprouted grains

Unibroue creates unique-tasting award-winning craft beers using traditional brewing methods. Their beers are unlike any other product on the market, and no two are alike. Each one has a distinctive character defined by taste, color, texture and density.

La Fin du Monde (la-faeh-doo-mohnd)
Strong Triple Style Golden Ale. Effervescent champagne body with a floral bouquet of light hop, aromas of honey, coriander and spice. 9% ABV 
La Fin du Monde has earned more medals and awards, including some of the world’s highest honors, than any other Canadian beer.

Maudite (moe-dzit)
Belgian Strong Amber-Red Ale. 
Notes of orange, malt, wild spices 
and fragrances of floral hop, 
and clove. 8% ABV

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