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2024 Food Trends to Watch

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So what is in store for 2024? We are talking foods that are ready to take over America in the coming year.


Big Food Trend is More Asian Ingredients

Expect Asian flavors and ingredients to have a moment. Black sesame, ube, and milk tea will follow the path of matcha and become more prevalent, predicts Denise Purcell, vice president of resource development with the Specialty Food Association, a trade group that hosts the Fancy Food Show. “We’re seeing milk tea-filled donuts and ube hot chocolate,” she says. “I was just someplace where they had black sesame cookies.” The flavors are also popping up in salty snacks, like black milk tea, Purcell notes.

Plant Based Renaissance

Another food trend to keep an eye on in 2024 is the renaissance of plant-based foods made with real plants. Reports predict that we'll be going beyond mock meats and returning to veggie burgers and main dishes made with actual veggies, pulses, nuts, and seeds. The shorter ingredient labels are perfect for the vegetarian purist and anyone who monitors ingredients.

As far as the other nine notable food trends, watch for whole cacao products (such as fruit powders and granola), a boom in naturally gluten-free and protein-rich buckwheat, and expect to see far more plant-based faux fish, too. (Carrot lox or trumpet mushroom scallops, seriously, it tastes great) 


Keep an eye out for products that focus on water conservation, diverse global peppers, gourmet instant noodles, and perhaps something that the Pringles and caviar combo hinted at — little luxuries.

You might notice more hormone health products that help soothe symptoms during life stages such as pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. And lastly, we can all look forward to more “clean caffeine” options, like coffee infused with mushrooms, prebiotic-spiked green tea and crash free cold brew that’s said to leave you feeling jitter-free.

Comfort Foods

Also think comfort foods with a global edge from soups and stews to stuffed vegetables. Global chicken wings and international barbecue also are on tap, as well as grilled and cooked cheeses. Stuffed vegetables like peppers and cabbage rolls, wagyu beef and hot honey breakfast sandwiches.

Are those culinary juices flowing yet? Stop in today, we’ll answer any questions and help you find whatever you need to make it! You can also order online for speedy home delivery.

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