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Breakfast Frittatas

EASY MEALS WITH ITEMS AT GREAT LOW PRICES Frittatas can be made for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. So simple to make and delicious. This is a Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach, and Onion Frittata. It took 15 minutes to prep and 12 minutes to bake. ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS are available at any Morton Williams!!


-Red Ripe Grape Tomatoes -EVOO -Greek Yogurt -Shredded Cheese -Yellow Onions -Mushrooms -Spinach -Garlic


Preheat oven to 400.In a skillet or your fav frying pan, heat up some EVOO, drop in your sliced onions and mushrooms for a few min, then add your spinach and some garlic. Cook that for only a few more minutes (don't let the spinach reduce to nothing) and set aside.Crack open 6 eggs into a bowl add your cheese and greek yogurt (you can use cream instead). Mix well and then add in your mixture above. Combine and pour into a cast iron skillet, aluminum pan (coat so things don't stick) or baking dish. Then slice up your tomatoes and place on top. You can add a little dill if you have it.Bake for 10 min and check. If loose or a knife shows the eggs not set, cook for another 2 min checking each time. You want the eggs firm and the top a little puffy and browning. Once that happens, you can turn on the broiler and give it another 2 min. You can also top with parmesan cheese before you broil (it's really good!)Remove. Cool. Dig in. Seriously, it's so easy and with fresh ingredients from Morton Williams, you only need a little pepper and perhaps a little dill on top as seasonings. The natural flavors blend so well in frittatas. You can even let it sit out for the rest of the day and grab a piece when you want.


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