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Food Trends in 2023

Food trends in 2023 could include the rise of mood food, curry, and mushrooms as popular new additions to the American dinner table. In past years, pumpkin spice, Kimchi and Korean cuisine in general have all gained in popularity with Americans eager to try new things.

Swicy (Sweet+Spicy) Food

What does “swicy” mean? Basically a collision between sweet and spicy elements in a single entrée, dessert, or side. Swicy food includes hot honey (see below), chili dark chocolate candy bars, and even some types of hot chicken.

South Korean cuisine features plenty of swicy options (one includes hot sauce mixed with strawberry jam applied to fried chicken) and thanks to a growing interest in Korean cooking, swicy food seems to be getting singled out for some good attention in the months ahead. Whether South Korea-inspired or not, swicy is a trend to watch.


Sustainable ingredients have been a welcome trend in the restaurant business and as cultivators and chefs look for new resources to source locally, the humble mushroom often winds up getting a look.

Shiitakes, portabellas, and crimini are old favorites; in 2023 look for continued growth in specialty mushrooms; Oyster mushrooms alone are reported by one source to have grown well over 100% in use as appetizers alone.

Functional Food

Functional foods are ingredients that provide an extra health benefit beyond nutritional value. Some examples include mood-boosting and relaxation snack bar brands or gut-friendly probiotics and prebiotics that are found in fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles.

Popular Classic Desserts Entering 2023

So many American classics are on this list, some we enjoy more during certain seasons or holidays, and others we eat as treats any time of year.

The list includes iconic desserts like Boston cream pie and S’Mores. One dessert, Rice Krispie Treats, started with Kellogg’s recipe for their classic puffed rice cereal and became popular because it was delicious and easy to make.

Most of these desserts don’t require brand-name products and have simple ingredients, like the banana split and chocolate chip cookies.

Doughnuts also made this list, even though many see them as breakfast food. Eat them after a meal, and you’ve had a delicious dessert.

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