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International Coffee Day


Attention! All coffee lovers International Coffee Day is October 1, 2021. If the only way to start your day is with a coffee then get celebrating. October 1st 2021 sees the return of International Coffee Day, a day when Nations come together to raise a mug to one of the world's best loved imports.

How many things on earth exist that we around the globe share a common passion for? Air? The list is short and coffee is definitely on it. It's quite a powerful bean.

Whether it’s a Macchiato or a Cappuccino that you love or if only an Espresso will do, it’s a day to embrace the coffee bean.

Coffee confused? If you stand at the counter of the coffee shop dreading the inevitable list of options or you don’t know your Non-dairy Latte’s from your Flat Whites, there are a whole host of websites dedicated to the subject of coffee. Why not take the opportunity to unravel the mystery around the many ways to drink the famed beverage.

So why do we love it so much?

Coffee is said to have many health benefits, it can actually improve concentration, before hitting the afternoon slump millions of people across the world reach for the coffee to see them through the day. Coffee gets us moving. Who doesn’t need a helping hand in the morning to set them up on the busy day ahead? Coffee increases energy levels for a much needed spring in the step. Another reason we love coffee so much is that it is usually part of a daily ritual. The morning espresso shot, the afternoon iced latte, the late afternoon pick me up, the meeting with friends for a coffee, etc. We tend to incorporate rituals into our lives and coffee is one of those things we enjoy regularly.

A Cortado? A Caffè Americano?

Take a moment to learn a new drink like the difference between a Cortado and a Caffè Americano. A Cortado is a beverage consisting of espresso mixed with a roughly equal amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity. The milk in a Cortado is steamed, but not frothy and "texturized" as in many Italian coffee drinks. A Caffè Americano is a type of coffee drink prepared by diluting an espresso with hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from, traditionally brewed coffee.

Morton Williams loves coffee. We have a wide selection of international and domestic brands to select from. Visit our coffee aisle and see for yourself. Celebrate the beverage with the aroma that can tempt us even on the darkest morning. Here’s to Coffee, Regular, Tall or Grande, enjoy!

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