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Morton Williams Catering Delivers!

Morton Williams catering
Guests and Associates are impressed when you care.

Morton Williams catering delivers every time for your party, office meeting, event and more. We can all agree, so much of a great experience depends upon the food. Whether it is an important office gathering or meeting, a private party, etc. our catering department has an impressive chef prepared menu to suit your requests.

“Let’s Meet at our Office.”

Deciding to have an important meeting at your office is a big decision. Meetings often take time and require high energy, focus, and stamina to get things done. Food is an essential part of a productive meeting.

Control the mood and be impressive.

Catering a meeting gives you control over the eating habits of your party. When people go out for lunch, they may make poor culinary choices by choosing sugary foods or carbohydrate-stuffed foods that can make them tired. By providing food, you have the option of providing a health conscious choice without alternatives. This helps to keep people focused.

It is also quite impressive when good food is provided. It shows have thought through all aspects of your meeting and that you care about participants.

You are what you eat.

You are what you eat even as a business. The food you present offers insight into your company and the meeting. Finger foods? More formal service? Buffet style? Everything says something! Why not take control by ordering the exact dishes you want to make the right impression.

Catering gives you that freedom and authority.

Our menus.

We offer only the highest quality foods, produce, baked goods, dessert and more. Our recipes are a combination chef and family inspired arrangements and all have been time test with great success. Choose from breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus all filled, with salads, sides, main courses, cold and hot items, designed fruit plates, cheese and meats, fresh seafood, sushi, and so much more.

We deliver everything.

We deliver everything right to your office. CLICK HERE to preview our detailed menu. Call Ralph Pepe at 646-623-6129 or email today to place an order and learn more.

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