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How 'bout Them Nachos!

National Nacho Day is Sunday, November 6, 2022!

The birth of the nacho reportedly dates back to 1940, when a group of women whose husbands were stationed at the military base in Eagle Pass, Texas, walked into the Victory Club in Piedras Negras, just across the border in Mexico. The club was closed but instead of turning them away, maître d' Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya whipped up a quick appetizer of fried corn tortilla chips topped with cheese and pickled jalapeños.

According to lore, the women loved the dish so much that they asked for seconds and named it "Nacho's Special" in homage to its creator.

Today, nachos are served almost everywhere and the best place to have them is at home with friends and family.

Nachos Today

Americans love nachos so much, we top them with all sorts of things. Sometimes we even go overboard. We call nachos with an abundance of toppings loaded nachos - super nachos, or nachos supreme. Serve them as a snack, an appetizer, or even prepared with extra ingredients as a full meal.

Since the time of the original nachos, the toppings have expanded. Today we add beef, chicken, and seafood along with a variety of seasonings. This snack even satisfies the pickiest eater. Whether you’re a vegan, full-on carnivore or somewhere between, there’s a nachos recipe for you.

Don't forget to add Guacamole to your nachos. Here's a great recipe for the best Guac!

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