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National Ice Cream Soda Day

National Ice Cream Soda Day is celebrated annually on June 20th. This day is certainly loved and celebrated by many people across the globe, where they enjoy this popular drink. Since this drink has become an increasingly popular refreshment for everyone it has sometimes been referred to as a soda float.

Therefore, you should invest some time in slurping this frothy wonderment up a stripy straw. The drink is comprised of only a couple of scoops of ice-cream in any carbonated beverage. An ice-cream soda is perfect to cool you down on a sizzling June summer day and offers a refreshing snap that leaves you yearning for more.

Ice cream soda has definitely made a huge impression across the entire world. Also famously known as an ice cream float in places like the United Kingdom, USA, Africa, Canada, and East Asia. There are many other names that have risen right across the globe including, coke float in the United Kingdom and South East Asia, A spider in New Zealand and Australia, and a Helado Flotante in Mexico. Yes, that’s right you can even grab yourself a refreshing ice cream soda when holidaying in Mexico. And what a better place to enjoy this lovely beverage?

History Of National Ice Cream Soda Day

Ice Cream Soda day is a day that is dedicated to the commemoration of the famous ice cream soda, a delicious, creamy, and frothy drink. Surprisingly, this drink was a completely accidental discovery. However, because of its unique combination, many people from different parts of the world have grown to love it. Hence, this day is dedicated to remembering the creation of the amazing ice cream soda.

Whether you choose to create your own with a dollop of your favorite ice cream in your favorite carbonated drink or pop into a traditional ice cream bar, once you taste the famous ice cream soda you are sure to fall head over heels and just want more. One of the most popular choices when it comes to ice cream sodas is Coco-Cola and Vanilla ice cream, something about just works and tantalizes the taste buds.

Robert Green

The roots of National Ice Cream Soda Day can be traced right back to when the famous ice cream soda was discovered by a soda seller. They were created by the legendary Robert Green in 1874 during Philadelphia’s sesquicentennial jamboree. Sources state that the ingenious Mr. Green mixed vanilla ice cream in with the soda he was selling, after unfortunately being devoid of ice. Little did he know, but he created a special kind of drink that was to become ultimately and extremely popular in all parts of the world.

During this time, historians say that he was extremely proud of his invention and initiative. His customers were happy about his unintentional creation, which leads us to the here and now. We can certainly thank him for using his initiative to create the ice cream soda that we have come to love so much. It has been said that Mr. Green claims he generated the idea before the initiation of the event.

Even if Mr. Green meant it or not, it was a brilliant idea to keep the sodas cold. Some of the best creations come from on the spot creativity and what a great one this was! Even if it was as simple as the thinking ice cream is cold, ice cubes are cold, let’s try it! Understandably, his epiphany was an instantaneous hit and spread like proverbial wildfire.

Green was basking in his achievement for the remainder of existence and humorously (some would say egotistically!) had “Originator of the Ice Cream Soda” written on his gravestone. And who can blame him! This is definitely something that you’d want to be remembered for.

Philip Mohr

Philip Mohr of Elizabeth, New Jersey would mix soda water with ice cream to make the drink colder. His practice took place as early as 1862 beating out Mr. Green’s claim.

Advertisements in an 1862 Newport Daily News for Sheld’s celebrating Ice Cream Soda encourage customers to “Try It, Try It, Try It, It.” By the looks of it, it was something new at the time. Whenever the ice cream soda was invented, it was certainly a winning combination. For generations, we have been enjoying these creamy carbonated desserts at pharmacies and soda fountains across the country.

How Has It Changed?

Nowadays, there is a range of variations on the originally invented ice cream soda, even encompassing root beer floats, Boston coolers, and purple cows. To adequately make National Ice Cream Soda Day an event: grab some soda, a couple of scoops of ice cream and a straw. Finally, sit in the sunshine and enjoy your creation whilst thinking of how Mr. Green’s epiphany became an instant sensation!

Why Should You Be Celebrating National Ice Cream Soda Day?

There are numerous reasons why you should celebrate ice cream soda day. One of the best being that an ice cream soda is an ultimately refreshing treat that can fill you with delight and refreshment. This day gives you the chance to not only enjoy the historic drink but it also allows you to join in the celebrations to thank the creator properly for giving us this wonderful creation. It’s certainly a day for recognizing what creation and initiative can achieve.

And, How Can You Do It?

There are many ways you can join in and enjoy ice cream soda day. Whether it’s your favorite ice cream shop, sitting in your back yard with the family, in a restaurant or joining all the other ice cream soda fans on this wonderful day you’re sure to have fun, find new and exciting flavors and fall in love with a traditional and historical drink that is a favorite to many around the world. Some of the great ways you can join in with the celebrations include:

Getting creative and making your own with your favorite ice cream flavors and favorite drinks. Why not see who can come up with the nicest, most delicious, craziest ideas in your family? You could even turn it into a little competition, the winner claiming the best ice cream soda day prize. You could even go all the way and add whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and a cherry on top.

There are many ice cream soda recipes you could try. How about, A Boozy Biscoff Beer Float with that delicious coffee butter-flavored ice cream and an ice-cold beer? Gingerbread Ice Cream Float, who said gingerbread was just for Christmas? Rum and Coke Float, you’re sure to wish that your favorite pub served this version of the ice cream soda once you try it.

The Guinness Float, perfect for the dark beer lovers, this float is made up simply of a bottle of Guinness, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup. Or The Strawberry Ice Cream Soda, perfect for the strawberry shake lovers out there, this fizzy version has all the creamy goodness with the sweet strawberry flavor that you crave.

Taking a trip out and about in search of ice cream soda, come on you’re bound to find it everywhere on this day! In fact, almost in a restaurant or beverage shop should be able to create one for you with ease. You will most likely spot ice cream sodas all throughout your day, you won’t be able to resist the temptation and be spoilt for choice.

It’s certainly high in demand and a popular choice on ice cream soda day. If ice cream soda day wasn’t the perfect excuse to take the family out to enjoy a refreshing, bubbly, fun, and creative drink in the sun then what is? You could even make it a yearly occasion and see how many different flavors you can try across the years.

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