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Superbowl Snack: Easiest Ever!

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. The Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams know what they have to do to bring home a win.

Do you want your game day to have a championship-worthy Super Bowl party?

History of Super Snacks

Believe it or not, just as the Super Bowl has its history, so do Super Bowl party snacks. The Super Bowl is an iconic American tradition. And while it's wholly American, it offers healthy competition between, often times, different cultures within our diverse country. While still American, Cincinnati and Los Angeles each have their own culinary traditions. One is famous for the Cobb Salad, the French Dip, and Hot Fudge Sundae's and the other for Chili Cheese Dogs and the Goetta, a mixture of pork, beef, steel-cut oats and seasonings.

So let’s take a look at some of the most famous and popular foods for Super Bowl party snacks over the years.

Onion Dip

First up is onion soup dip, or what some people might call California dip because of where it was invented. Apparently, this recipe was so iconic, it helped put Lipton on the map and led to a dip revolution. Although Lipton did not create the recipe it still uses today, it did promote and market the dip by putting it on its instant onion soup mix package in 1958. The recipe is so simple, combine a package of Lipton powdered onion soup mix with a 16-ounce container of sour cream. Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl, chill for an hour to allow the dried onion pieces in the soup mix to soften and the flavors to meld and serve with potato chips. For variations, you can add ½ cup of mayonnaise to make it creamier or add ½ cup of salsa for a twist.

Meatballs with Jelly

Another football party staple is meatballs, but making meatballs with grape jelly? Absolutely! Grape jelly meatballs are a fun spin on traditional cocktail meatballs. This easy recipe only requires three ingredients – frozen, store-bought meatballs, grape jelly, and chili sauce. The result is a sweet and savory meatball that is just begging to be snagged up with a toothpick.

The ingredients might sound a little funny, but trust us, these meatballs pack some serious flavor and are utterly addicting. As the meatballs bake in the oven, the grape jelly and chili sauce caramelize to make the most irresistible sauce on the planet. There are many variations on this recipe, including using cocktail wieners instead of meatballs and barbecue sauce instead of chili sauce or even replacing grape jelly with cranberry sauce.

Watergate Salad

Another old time traditional Super Bowl snack is the Watergate salad, which is a bright green dessert salad that combines pistachio pudding, canned pineapple, whipped topping, marshmallows and chopped pecans. Kraft Foods introduced its pistachio pudding mix in the 1970s and promoted a recipe for pistachio pineapple delight, which used the mix.

It’s believed a newspaper reporter in Chicago coined the name Watergate salad when he wrote, “It’s full of nuts, just like Washington, D.C., so we’re going to call this Watergate salad,”

Other Ideas

If you’re looking for a few frozen pre-made items you can bake and add to the menu, Try frozen buffalo chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, mini ham and cheese and spinach and cheese quiches, Pizza Rolls and Bagel Bites’ pizza bagels.

Another idea that takes practically zero time to prepare are Tostitos Scoops with pre-made salsa, store-bought hummus and pita chips, bagged popcorn, such as kettle corn, and our freshly made celebration mini-cupcakes.

Super Bowl snacks are fun and easy to make

It's a Sunday where all people can indulge a bit while rooting for their favorite team or the one they got stuck with in the family or office pool. Either way, eat up America, you have Monday (and we'll also give you Tuesday) to work off the fun of your Super Bow Sunday.

Stop in any Morton Williams or shop online for all the above ingredients and anything you need! Enjoy!

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