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Wholesome Pantry Organic Products

Wholesome Pantry Organic products fill the shelves at all Morton Williams.

It all started with a simple idea: Remove 110 artificial ingredients and leave only the good stuff. Welcome to Wholesome Pantry. It’s free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives you can’t pronounce.

Wholesome Pantry Organic are all 100% USDA Certified Organic. Which means you can be 100% confident in the choices you make for your family

Morton Williams is thrilled to announce the partnership with the Wholesome Pantry line of affordably priced organic and better-for-you products. The new offerings span the produce, grocery and dairy categories.

Specifically, the latest items to join the line, which consists of both USDA-certified organic items and free-from products made without artificial additives, flavors, colors and preservatives, are organic salads and greens, organic baby carrots, organic grape tomatoes, dried fruits, nuts and trail mixes, organic popcorn, organic quinoa, organic apple cider vinegar, organic maple syrup, organic salad dressing, organic rice, organic eggs, and organic omega-3 milk with DHA.

Natalie Menza-Crowe, Director of Health and Wellness for the Wholesome Pantry Line says, “We’re excited about the expansion of our Wholesome Pantry line, as it demonstrates our unwavering commitment to helping customers find ‘better-for-you’ products that fit their budgets and their lifestyles.”

“With a continued focus on value, convenience and variety, we look forward to providing our customers with even more innovative, high-quality Wholesome Pantry products in the weeks and months ahead,” noted Loren Weinstein, Director of Private Label & Branding.

Further additions to the line over the next few months will include organic snacks such as cookies, trail mixes and single-serve items; organic honey; organic juices; and organic fruit preserves.

Since its launch, Wholesome Pantry has introduced more than 210 products including almond butter, milk and alternative dairy-free milks, fresh poultry, fresh produce, frozen fruit, and packaged snacks.

Morton Williams customers now have an affordable organic choice for their shopping. Each week Wholesome Pantry specials are announced in store and on our weekly flyer. It’s a great opportunity for shoppers to fill their pantry and refrigerator with healthy organic staples and more.

Our goal is to be your “go to” market for all of your food shopping needs. We strive to offer the freshest produce and seafood, premium meats and cheeses, and healthy options for you and your family. We offer you the largest selection of Domestic and International products of any market in NYC. In fact, we are as diverse as the city we love and call home.

Please contact any Morton Williams with any questions about Wholesome Pantry and any of the other hundreds of brands we offer. Customer service is a priority at Morton Williams, we are always here to assist.

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